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Version 14.8.4[]

Conspiracy Path Walkthrough

Start at the School and check the history classroom, Pick up Mr. Beasley's paper.

Go to the Library. Talk to Ms. Titus (choose all options), and then visit the Reference section. Talk to Monique (all options), expand the right bar and give her the paper.
She will tell you about Sir Ronald and the mansion he lives in.

Find a Taxi and visit Sir Ronald. NOTE: Taxi's have a random chance to appear at ranks. If one is not there wander to check another rank or enter/exit a nearby building.

Politely introduce yourself and never demand the book, and refuse his apprenticeship when offered.
Leave the mansion and catch the taxi and return to your home on Kollam St.
Enter your home, and a delivery girl will give you a package containing the Book and a little money. Pickup the book.

Leave your home and check the SMS message. It is no longer needed, delete it if you want (or keep for reference)
Go to the Shopping Center. Visit the Antiques shop and talk to Victoria (all options)
Visit the Bank and speak to Ellie and open an account

Walk back to Kollam St, and walk to Cherise Rd and visit the Gym to encounter Amy

Go to the school and talk to Beasley, Do not give him the book.

Go to the Park, if you see Kate on the bridge go there, otherwise go to the Park Pathway.
Talk to Kate (do not leave without talking to her!!!! Unless you want the annoy her)
Be nice and offer to study with her OR Be nasty and annoy her and get a extra old stone later, but this locks out all events for her, except charming her (for instance the study event below will not happen)

The walkthrough from here assumes you are nice to Kate

Go to the park and take the kite from the tree and pick-up the string
Go to the wild ranges and get your first old stone. Explore the stones and talk to Seraphina when she says 'Hello'

Go to the Library and ask Ms. Titus about the book she was reading. Now go and study with Kate. The answers are  To get the best ending with Kate make sure to look at her cleavage. Pickup her address before leaving the study area.

Go to the office where the crash occurred.
Talk to Tess Adams and ask for help to decipher a spell. Learn "Serphoni", the Pass spell to walk though walls.
Visit the Reference area and ask Monique to look up more information on Kurndorf

Go home, meet your sister and answer the telephone for a radio quiz. A puzzle is randomly selected, the answers are   There is no reason to fail this aside from seeing some minorly different events, it will delay getting the magnet for a while. The delivery girl can still be 'gotten' by visiting her at the TV Station with different scenes.

Ask Tracy where Davy is. Thas ask what is going on. Visit Mom in her room and ask all options for a little money.

Go to Yoolaroo Dr (via the alley) and visit the Granger house. Talk to Mrs Granger (you can do this later if desired
Two mutually exclusive alternatives (first is preferable)

  • Tell Mrs Granger that she's pretty, if she works out and if she finds anything. Get an old stone.
  • Tell Mrs Granger that she's pretty, ask her is she needs help and do the puzzle, answer correctly for $5, 

Visit Kate, chat with her, bet her about Bruce Lee. the answer is   Note getting it wrong has some nice images too!

Walk to the alley and then the Shopping Center. Visit the General Store to encounter Leanne. Then visit the Restaurant and talk to the Waitress, do not buy the bratwurst yet

Go to the School, then the Park and the Wild Ranges and use your stone or stones. As needed through-out the game return here to use any stones found. Generally consider doing so at night-time A ghost will appear, follow it to the school, your street and then to a side alley. Watch the ghost walk through the wall.
Cast Pass to enter the Hidden Room, and examine the note to learn "Dai Chu", the Charm spell. (Note: Kate leaves her home now)

Return home and enter your bed room. Drop the Book, and pick it up again, and pick up the old stone. Return to the Wild Ranges and use the stone.

Walk back to the park bridge, walk dwon it to the Hospital, and enter it. Look at the picture.

Return home, it should be late night (maybe 1pm or so). Save the game now!!!!

Go to bed for the night, refuse Tracy's request (or accept for a game over and reload the save)

Go to the kitchen and listen to your sister's conversation, and (assuming you answered the radio quiz correctly)
Answer the door, it is a delivery girl with your prize, a stereo system
Ask Madison inside, she will trip and break the speaker of the stereo. Pick up the magnet and use it.
You can Charm Madison now! Do not select any of the listed conversation options, just cast the spell.