A Spell For All Wiki

Book Spells[]

  • Pass (Serphoni): First spell you learn in the game after you discover the Book of Power. Let you pass through doors and other secret paths.
  • Charm (Dai Chu): Found by following the ghost of Kurndorf to the alley and entering the Hidden room. Increases another's desire and friendliness towards you, but fail if the victim is under the influence of someone else. Learned in the hidden room in the alleyway between Kollam street and Yoolaroo drive. A person's name is important in all forms of magic targeting a person and is a key part of casting this spell. This is a forbidden spell.
  • Clairvoyance (Tuo Duo): Allows you to detect things that are normally hidden or even invisible. Can only be learned from a member of the Gates Family, either Sarah or Sir Ronald in the apprentice path. Each use consumes mana, wether you find something or not.
  • Invisibility (Dest): Invoking its power cloaks the user from sight - but only sight - so one must be careful to not call too much attention to oneself while no longer visible to the naked eye. Can be obtained by giving to Kurndorf every object for the ritual EXCEPT the calice, he will ask what's taking so long and offer you the power.
  • Possession (Unstr Hun): Learned from a scroll offered by Miss Titus at the library. Transports a spirit into another body, but only for a brief period of time. The spell request a possession of the target, like a hairlock, or a jewel...
  • Shielded Charm (Neo One): Your knowledge of the shielded charm allows you to cast this spell when in public. Learned in the garage with the help of charmed Monique.
  • Teleport (Shio Stin Mur): Teleport you on the map. You can teleport from anywhere, but only to locations with magic marks on the map, that you need to find first and attune secondly, wich takes some time and mana.
  • Transform (Al Mass): A spell of physical transformation.
  • Unlife Enspelled (Mir Daru): It will bind the undead to the caster, making them the casters thrall. Unlike the charm spell the being's name is not essential to the success of this spell. If you do know it then the effect is significantly more powerful.
  • Wealth (Dert Pher): Materializes money from magic. Found in a chest locked with a riddle in the cellar, at the hotel.

Learn Spells[]

  • "manipulative charms" - add a few variations to the charm process for selected people.
  • "defending yourself with magic" - protection from other magical attacks as long as you have 20 mana. This can be learned from Allison the barmaid in the restaurant, the W.E. only.
  • "masculine cantrips" - You need this in order to charm men, and only men without magical protection.
  • "medium powers" - Ability to charm ghosts_ except Kurndorf. Kurndorf doesn't submit to anybody. So far, there's only one other ghost in town...
  • "precision transitions" - Enable to attune your own hexagrams, by cutting magic marks on trees (cost a bit of mana), enabling you_with a bit of preparation_to teleport almost everywhere instantly. Can also teleport people near you, important if you have a bodyguard, or in a certain ritual of thrall exorcism. Can only be learned with a member of the Gates Family willing to do so, either Sarah or Sir Ronald in the apprentice path.
  • "conserving magic" - Expensive charms costs 10% less mana.
  • "harnessing mana" - You get more mana from stones. Useful for grinding.
  • "golden gestures" - You get more money from the Wealth spell. Useful for grinding.
  • "unseen" - Invisibilty lasts longer, up to dawn or twilight. Only useful if you are waiting a whole night/day for a person to show up...
  • "augmented hypnosis" - Instant hypnotic induction. Useful for forcing persons with strong willpower to submit. This can be unlocked after the meeting with Gabby, your mom's boss, then getting the hypnosis book and getting teached by Beasley.